Why We’re Here

Welcome. Thank you for being here and learning more about what we do.

This site is about Community Wellness. We work with individuals, families, organizations and the community as a whole, to encourage wellness in all areas of life. Right now, we are focusing heavily on the concept of “mental health” and “mental wellness” — partly because it’s often hidden, and partly because we simply don’t talk about it enough.

Shrouded by stigma, we often avoid the subject of mental health and mental wellness. Yet, it affects every single one of us. Can you honestly say that you don’t know a single person struggling with a mental health issue? If your answer to that question is “yes”, my guess is you may simply be unaware of what the people in your life are dealing with. The statistics are alarming,

We want to raise awareness, and we’re doing this by creating and hosting community events to get the conversation going. We also want to raise funds, so that we can run more events and bring more mental health education and empowerment into our community. We want to help other organizations to further their goals, and we want to partner up with like-minded individuals, businesses and organizations to help lift one another up.

Want to get involved? That’s great! We have many ways that you can do so … the first being by helping us to spread the word about what we’re doing. If you’re on Facebook, head over there and like our page, share an event or leave a comment. Your connection might just be what someone else needs to keep going.

Sending out love and light,


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